Soul Matters Small Groups

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This fall First Unitarian Universalist Church of Springfield will join 145 other churches that use the Soul Matters Small Group circles to encourage members and friends to engage deeply with their Unitarian Universalist values through independent reflection on monthly themes.

This program will occur from September 2020 through June of 2021.

A curated packet of activities (readings, meditations, and reflections) are processed independently by participants over the course of a month. An example packet is available if you would like to look over it before registration. Near the end of the month participants gather to reflect on their individual and shared experiences with the monthly theme.

So what are you being invited to do, exactly?

Each month you will be sent a packet of materials. The time participation will take depends on how deeply you choose to participate and is entirely at your discretion. You will then have the option of meeting with a small group of participants to share your experience.

The meetings this year are expected to be digital, via the Zoom platform. Potential meeting times will be sent out once we know how many people are participating in the groups. 

Registration is available HERE

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