Listening Through All Our Senses

It happens fairly often that when I arrive at a patient’s home, I have to raise my voice over the din of the TV blaring away in the background to ask, “Is it alright if we turn the TV off while we visit?” My patients will often look startled and reply, “Oh, of course. I didn’t even realize it was on.” How is that possible? When we are surrounded by constant noise, we tend to forget it’s even there.

Listening to Learn

Monica McNeal and Rev Michelle engage in conversation about racial justice and the ways that deep listening can help with much needed culture shifts, both in our church and society. Using role play and honest dialogue, they will explore common micro-aggressions and imagine the ways that deep listening can lead Read more…

Welcome Renewal 2020

The First UU Welcoming Congregation Committee is encouraging all members and friends to complete the “Trans Inclusion in Congregations” course offered by the UUA Transforming Hearts Collective. In doing this work we will develop meaningful connections and awareness of issues faced by LGBT+ individuals. Ultimately, it is in our hands Read more…

Listening Beyond

Don Miguel Ruiz has written that “We only see what we want to see; we only hear what we want to hear.” This reality can keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns of behavior and unaware of transformation that is both necessary and possible. How might we move beyond our confirmation bias and the boundaries of our associations to engage in deep listening that has the potential to move and change us?