About Us

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Springfield MO

2434 East Battlefield Rd, Springfield MO 65804

Minister – Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman

Online Office Hours: Thursdays from 2-3 pm at Zoom link
Other meeting times available by appointment

Church Administrator – Emily Aderhold

Office Hours: by appointment. Email is checked throughout the week. admin@springfielduu.org

Director of Religious Education – AJ Fox

Office Hours: available by appointment

Choir Director – John Prescott

Choir rehearsals: 9 am Sundays

Board of Trustees

President – president@springfielduu.org
President-Elect – presidentelect@springfielduu.org
Vice President – vicepresident@springfielduu.org
Treasurer – treasurer@springfielduu.org
Recording Secretary – secretary@springfielduu.org
Financial Secretary – financialsecretary@springfielduu.org
Facilities Trustee – facilities@springfielduu.org
Church Life Trustee – churchlife@springfielduu.org
Program Trustee – programs@springfielduu.org
Committee on Shared Ministry – cosm@springfielduu.org