Sunday Services

Special Music

Interested in providing music for a virtual Sunday service? It’s not all that complicated and we’d love to have you participate. Here’s everything you need to know!

  1. Any music shared in a Zoom service must be free of copyright restriction. That means we can use your original music, music from the public domain, or copyrighted music we have gotten explicit permission to share in a digital format. We are able to use most of the music from our hymnals, and I can provide you a list of those permissions if you’re interested.
  2. Record on any device you have, as long as it allows us to email an audio file to Quill and Maria. Audio files only, please, as video tends to make Zoom get laggy and distorted.
  3. Aim for selections that are no longer than 3 minutes. It’s harder to be engaging in a digital format, so short excerpts from longer works are fine, too, if it keeps us to the 3 minutes or fewer guideline.
  4. Leave just a moment of silence at the start of your track to get a clean recording, but no more than just a second or we will think your track isn’t playing.
  5. We are going to continue using our monthly themes, but any beautiful instrumental music is always welcome, too. For questions about upcoming themes and services, please feel free to reach out to me via email or attend the Sunday Services planning meetings via Zoom at 6 PM each Tuesday.

Looking forward to hearing more music from all of you!

– Emily McKinney, Music Director