Our Virtual Church Meetings

Let us know if you are having problems joining a Zoom meeting.

Sunday – 11 am

Virtual Sunday Service

Join us for a meaningful time of connection and timely reflection.

Sunday – 10 am

Virtual Religious Education

Join us for a half-hour family-centered exploration of UU values.

Tuesday – 3 pm

UU Connections with Rev Michelle

Join us as we share conversation, learn together, and support one another.

Wednesday – 4 pm

Virtual Tech Open Hour

Have a technical question or issue? Drop by for trouble shooting and Q&A.

Wednesday – 6 pm

Virtual Welcome Wednesdays

Join us for a midweek time of welcome and connection.

Thursday – 2 pm

Virtual Minister Office Hour

Our Minister Rev Michelle is ready to field your phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, Zoom meeting, or whatever other way you’d like to communicate one-to-one.

Phone – (573) 301-0792

Email – minister@springfielduu.org

Facebook – www.facebook.com/michellescotthuffman