Pathways to Membership

We are so excited you want to be a part of our membership! Find a path that works for you and helps you become a valuable member of our beloved community. Complete a total of seven or more activities, with at least one in each category.

Minds that Think

Read 100 Questions That Non-Members Ask (download)
Buy at UUA Bookstore

Read the First UU Bylaws

Study UU beliefs, principles, and religious practices

Interview three UU’s about their lives and experiences

Watch a video related to Unitarian Universalist history

Fill out the
Time and Interest Survey

Participate in a reading/worship component with Sunday Services

Hearts that Love

Attend at least five services

Participate in the Transforming Hearts Collective Course

Read the local history of First UU in Springfield

Serve on the Racial Justice Action Team or Welcoming Congregation Committee

Take action to advance justice in our world (e.g., attend a protest, rally, march)

Respond to a joy or concern you heard during the service (call, write, email, etc.)

Participate in a Soul Matters small group

Hands that Are
Ready to Serve

Read one page document Why Do We Pledge?

Volunteer for 5 hours at Crosslines or another charitable organization

Join the First UU Choir

Volunteer on a Buildings and Grounds project

Serve as a greeter or coffee-maker 3 times

Volunteer with Religious Education

Complete a project with Sew-Sew

Once your bingo card has been completed, please click the button below where you will be asked to enter your contact information as well as the items that you have completed.

You will then be scheduled to meet with our Minister or members of our membership and finance committees.

Thank you for wanting to be a part of our community!