Committees and Action Teams

Check the calendar and announcements for meeting dates and times. Use the Contact Us form for questions.

Buildings and Grounds

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is charged with assisting the Board in planning and preparing the annual budget by taking the lead on the annual Pledge Drive, Fundraising, and oversight of rentals of church facilities.

Garden Committee

Kitchen Committee

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is charged with providing opportunities for active involvement in the church. We are the facilitators of most things “newer member” as well as help other involvement areas such as greeters and coffee makers and the Welcoming Renewal committee. The Membership Committee plans the Friendly Feast Potluck, a meal after the service each first Sunday of the month. Bring food to share if you are able, stay regardless.

Pastoral Care Committee

Racial Justice Action Team
The Racial Justice Action Team is focused on creating opportunities for education and social justice activism on issues of racial justice and anti-racism. The goal of the Action Team is to actively promote an awareness of the impact of racism and colonialism on every aspect of our current world and to better prepare the members of First UU to help dismantle white supremacy. 

Religious Education Circle
The Religious Education Circle helps to support lifespan faith formation. The seven principles and six sources are centered as a way of exploring unitarian universalist identity for all members. The committee is responsible for working with volunteers and staff to create a rich and thriving religious education program within our congregation. For more about the Religious Education Circle and the work of Faith Formation at First UU please see our Faith Formation page.

Safety Committee

Social Action Circle
The Social Action Circle advocates for social justice concerns on the church, local, state, and national level. They support local nonprofits promoting social justice or humanitarian causes and hosts monthly Soup and Social Justice luncheons to discuss important issues and work cooperatively with other community groups on social action projects.

Social Media Team
The Social Media Team is a vital outward-facing component of our church community. From content creation to brand management and post moderation, the Social Media Team is always looking for passionate and skilled people to help. 

Sunday Services Committee
The Sunday Services Committee plans and schedules all Sunday morning worship services, coordinating the elements of each service to complement the message and emphasize our UU values. We strive to present services that are consistently welcoming and engaging to a diverse congregation of varied ages, backgrounds, experiences. and interests. We train and mentor service leaders and recruit message writers and readers.

Welcoming Renewal Committee
The Welcoming Renewal Committee is a standing team dedicated to maintaining First UU of Springfield’s status as a Welcoming Congregation. This requires active and intentional creation of a safe and welcoming congregational space for those who are part of the LGBT+ community as well as outward support of LGBT+ causes in our local community.