• Holding the History
    Homily by AJ Fox The opening words are a welcoming of the ancestors, adapted from words by Christina Shu and Tera Little, read by Religious Education Director AJ Fox. In ChurchWritten by Peter Ilyich TchaikovskyPublic DomainPerformed by Colleen Appel I Lift My VoiceWords and Music by Andrea RamseyFrom the Justice […]
  • The Gift of Being Let Down
    Message presented by Gary Meints. Originally written and presented by Rev. Gretchen Haley. Moment of Perspective – The Platinum Rule – AJ Fox The opening words are Woven Anew by Rev Scott TaylerCome.Come with your joy, your incurable curiosity, your hunger for hope.But bring too your broken heart, your cracked […]
  • Relationships Called Church: Discovering What We Care About
    By Colleen Appel Our October theme of Cultivating Relationship invites us to consider who we want to become as a church community.How do we live our UU values, starting with one another?What promises do we need to make to one another? Parable of the Spoons – A Story and Song […]
  • Banned Books and Us
    by Dacia Reid and Eva Riebold Footnotes for the message are HERE. Our Opening Words this morning are the words of Sophia Lyon Fahs – a Unitarian Religious Educator whose work made its way into my Methodist childhood. While she speaks of children she also speaks of the self. . […]
  • Days of Awe
    AV Coordinator Luna teaches us a little bit about the High Holy Days in Judaism – Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. TRANSCRIPT Moment of Perspective – Someone Among You is a Messiah – AJ Fox The opening words are Let Astonishment be Possible, by Rev Gretchen Haley. Whatever you have […]