• Compassion
    8/2/2020 Give Us Justice, Give Us Peace Dona Nobis Pacem Round, Public Domain Worktext from BLMnew music by Emily McKinneyperformed by the Virtual First UU Choir “I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler […]
  • Across the Threshold: The Experience of Welcome
    July 26, Virtual Service We want to thank guest musician and speaker Adhamh Roland for providing much of the music as well as insight and context during this service. Adhamh is a seminary student at a UU affiliated institution as he pursues hospice chaplaincy. As we consider what it is […]
  • Stuck in the Doorway
    Threshold moments tend to bring great tension, conflict, and both inner and outer wrestling. Overwhelmed by the tension, we often find ourselves stuck in the doorway, peering ahead into an unknown future and holding on to the assurance of past experience. This message will explore the idea of tension as a creative force and strategies for stepping boldly into an unknown future while choosing carefully what elements of the past should be carried across the threshold.
  • Special Music – 7/12/20
    Come, Come, Whoever You AreWords: Adapted from RumiMusic: Lynn Adair UngarPerformed by the First UU Virtual Choir Staying apart and not singing together is an act of love these days, and still, we invite you to come, whoever you are, and join us this Sunday as we reflect on General […]
  • Rooted, Inspired, and Ready – GA Reflections
    I am Colleen Appel. My pronouns are she and her. I accepted the position of Board President because I had time to give the job my full attention, and, when it comes to preparing for a meeting, I am very organized. However, I brought a grievous assumption with me – […]