• The Goal of World Community With Peace, Liberty, and Justice For All – Our Sixth Principle
    Message by Emmie Seaman The opening words are by the Commission on Common Worship. From the fragmented world of our everyday livesWe gather together in search of wholenessBy many cares and preoccupationsBy diverse and selfish aimsAre we separated from one anotherAnd divided within ourselvesYet we knew that no branch is […]
  • The Right of Conscience and the Use of the Democratic Process – Our Fifth Principle
    Message by Babs Garcia Moment of Perspective – Democracy and Meeting the Needs of the People – AJ Fox The opening words are Be About the Work, by Andrea Hawkins-Kamper. May we see all as it is, and may it all be as we see it.May we be the ones […]
  • Historical Modes of Thought and the Future – Our Fourth Principle
    Message by Charles Gray Moment of Perspective – Our Fourth Principle and Our Children – Farrow Carson The opening words are The Great Teachers in Life by Jason Cook. We seekers are on a quest:A quest to discover truth and meaning.Sometimes we think we’ve found it—Wrapped up, glimmering with newnessStraight […]
  • Acceptance and Encouragement of Spiritual Growth – Our Third Principle
    Message by AJ Fox with a video from Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray Please click the link below to watch the full video: Our opening words this morning are titled “In Honor” and come from Amanda Schuber. In honor of the risk takers, those that hold the vision with clarity and charge […]
  • Justice, Equity, and Compassion – Our Second Principle
    Message by Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman The opening words are This Faith, by Heide Cottam Let us be a faith that gathers, reaching for one anotherthrough the walls of hate others build,through the cages of ignorance and arrogance,and through the fear that burns city streets.Let us be a faith that sees […]