• Labor in the Pulpit
    Homily by Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman An Ingathering Greeting – UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray The opening words are by Rev Megan Visser. We enter this space for kindness and comfort.May rough-worn hands and aching backs be healed.We enter this space of hope for equality.May those who labor to survive live […]
  • Liberating Our Liberties
    by Mike Brown Moment of Perspective – AJ Fox – “Pause and Get Perspective” Moments The opening words are A Gift to Offer the World, by Rev Lisa Friedman. We touch the floorto remember that wherever we bring our best self is holy ground.We reach for the skyto remember that […]
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education
    by Dr. Judith Martinez Dr. Martínez has been at Missouri State University since the fall of 2002 and is responsible for the development of infrastructure for selected academic diversity programs within the Division for Diversity and Inclusion and Associate Provost for Student Development and Public Affairs (APSDPA). More info about […]
  • Liberation
    by Charles Gray, Jessica Wirges, and AJ Fox The opening words are Another World is Possible, by Rev Ashley Horan. Another world is possible.We say it, again and again,even when the proof lies somewhere beyond the horizon,beyond our reach, beyond our imagination.This is our faith:Another world is possible……There are many […]
  • Resilience: Strength + Flexibility
    Homily by Eva Riebold Moment of Perspective – AJ Fox The opening words are by Amy McKenzie Quinn. Welcome to this common, sacred space.Common, because we are all welcome.Sacred, because here we transform the ordinaryand attend to the profound.We carry with us our regrets, doubts, fears, stories, laughter;may they inspire […]