• Margins Beware: The Dangers of Courage and Vulnerability Culture
    Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman The opening words are adapted from To Remember Our Promises, by Sarah C Stewart. Bring who you are as you enter our church this morning.Bring your best self and your struggling self;bring your mistakes and your triumphs;bring your shortcomings and your recommitment to good.Bring yourself here and […]
  • The Path of Vulnerability
    Message by Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman Moment of Perspective – I Choose When I Share My Vulnerabilities – AJ Fox Let’s listen now to the words of Rev. Jone Johnson Lewis: May we have the courage to open ourselves to the pleasures and wounds of life.May we have the strength to […]
  • Welcome to the Path of Love
    Read by Jessica Wirges, Babs Garcia I now invite you to participate in a responsive reading. This reading is based on the words of Rev. Amanda Poppei, with an adjustment.  Rev. Poppei penned the response “This is the home that love made.” We’ll read it here today as “This is […]
  • The Healing Power of Love
    Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman Moment of Perspective – AJ Fox Our next reading is a responsive one, by Naomi King. After each section that I read, you all say We open our hearts with love.When the world’s violence shatters the joy of a momentWe pause and reach out for the hands […]
  • Go to Bed Angry
    Message by Rev. Emilie BoggisRead by Jessica Wirges Moment of Perspective – Article II – New Graphic – AJ Fox Let’s listen to Co-regulation, by Elizabeth Mount. From our very first breath, we reach out.Co-regulation, not self-regulation, is in our nature.We find our cues from the sun and the moon,From […]