Social Action Circle (SAC)

The Unitarian Universalist Association has a commitment to organizing at the intersectional engagement of the multiple identities of our humanity and unapologetically centering the dismantling of white supremacy. In the context of our times, it has become clear that the lack of an intersectional approach is harming our movements for justice. Our work is deeply informed by and narrated through both liberatory theology and a critical analysis of the political moment we are living in, grounded in prophetic faith and in solidarity with those suffering from and on the front lines of disrupting white supremacy. As a result of this determination, the UUA has created an Organizing Strategy Team that is focusing on four key intersectional priorities to strategically build power for creating justice at this time.

  • Climate justice, inclusive of indigenous sovereignty and climate resilience
  • Anti-criminalization, inclusive of racial justice and immigrant justice and the criminalization of poverty
  • LGBTQ and gender justice, inclusive of LGTBQ equity and reproductive justice
  • Electoral justice, inclusive of voting and voting rights, democracy and election year engagement.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities:
Crisis Cold Weather Shelter
Crosslines Food Distribution
Speak UUp!

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