Racial Justice Action Team

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Mission and Purpose Statement

Mission: To provide interested congregants of First UU a method of focus and involvement with racial justice in our local, national, and international communities.
Purpose: To provide opportunities for education about racial justice and to support and participate in racial justice actions.
The goals of the Racial Justice Action Team are to:

  • Facilitate opportunities for education and exploration of racial justice issues within the congregation of First UU.
    Provide opportunities to interested congregants to advocate for racial justice in the Springfield community.
  • Support the racial justice advocacy of members of our church and of our larger community, by communicating information on community events focused on racial justice.
  • Support actions in the community by organizations who are striving for racial justice. This may include meeting space for groups, events, and fundraisers. This may also include media support, volunteer recruitment, or other support, as needed.

It is our belief that racial justice is a vital component of a social justice program and the practice of our Seven Principles. It is our goal that the First UU Church of Springfield be recognized in the community as a church strongly committed to racial justice, a safe and supportive place for advocacy efforts, and that we Side With Love on issues of social justice.

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