Where are the Prophets?

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February 2, 2020

by Rev Michelle Scott-Huffman

Nancy McDonald Ladd shares these important words in “Powerful Honesty” published in the UU book A People So Bold.

In recent decades, the mainline Protestant tradition has suffered what many see as a steady progression toward marginalization and relative powerlessness in social and political spheres. Few would contend that mainline churches are the forces for prophetic change they once were. This shift away from prophetic authority has something important to say to Unitarian Universalists. In the twenty-first century, Unitarian Universalism stands poised either to follow a similarly marginalized path or to move, together with our co-religionists in progressive, mainline, and interfaith spheres, into a phase of power, honesty, and prophecy.

Where are the prophets? Dare we say they are here?

Listen now to the message:

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