Show Support for unsheltered people

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During a time when many of us are staying in our homes, there are unsheltered members of our community who do not have homes to retreat to. Local church The Connecting Grounds, led by minister Christie Love, is working hard to protect those members of our community. The News-Leader has recently reported on the struggles that the church has faced while trying to care for these most vulnerable and underserved people.

Let’s join Rev. Phil Snider and Brentwood Christian church in an outpouring of cards and notes of encouragement to the unsheltered people who are struggling to survive on the streets. Tell them you are thinking of them and you’re paying attention to their struggle. Ask your children to join you and post your messages and photos of your cards in the comments.

Mail your cards and notes to:

The Connecting Grounds
1109 E. Commercial Street
Springfield, MO 65803

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