Special Music – 7/12/20

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Come, Come, Whoever You Are
Words: Adapted from Rumi
Music: Lynn Adair Ungar
Performed by the First UU Virtual Choir

Staying apart and not singing together is an act of love these days, and still, we invite you to come, whoever you are, and join us this Sunday as we reflect on General Assembly and what it means to be a faith community that is ‘rooted, ready, and inspired’ in our UU values. I am moved every time I play back these virtual choir projects through the week as I work on them — it feels a bit like a chance to stitch up some of the brokenness we are all feeling right now as I work to stitch the voices of our isolated choir members back into a beautiful whole. Come, whoever you are, and sing with us.

  • Emily McKinney, Music Director

By the Limpid Stream
by Friedrich Burgmuller
public domain work
performed by Carter M.

We are always excited to have Carter play for us. I enjoyed learning more about the composer of this work, Friedrich Burgmuller, here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Friedrich_Franz_Burgm%C3%BCller
The composer’s most significant contribution seems to have been books of “teaching songs” that were both lovely and musical, and designed to keep challenging the student to master more and more difficult works. That sounds a bit like crossing thresholds to me!

I was also intrigued by the title of this piece, thinking that being near a “limpid stream” might tie to feeling rooted. Hearing Carter dash of those quick notes makes me feel inspired, too! Connections to water, our source of life, were a prevalent theme in the GA experience, as well. Please enjoy this beautiful performance from Carter and allow it to connect you to a place of gratitude and respect for our local waterways.

  • Emily McKinney, Music Director

How Can I Keep From Singing
words of unknown/mixed authorship, music by Robert Lowry
Public domain hymn
Arranged and performed by Eva Riebold

This hymn is one that stuck with me after hearing it in our church for the first time. Although its provenance and official authorship are mixed and murky and distinctly Christian in origin, something about it immediately struck me as being uniquely UU. (Maybe because mixed, murky, and from Christian/Quaker roots also describes the history of UUism?) You can read more about how this hymn came to be here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Can_I_Keep_from_Singing%3F

I thought this one was appropriate for GA reflection week as we touch bases with our UU values, and I am so glad Eva was game to take the notes of the melody and create her own lovely arrangement of it. We often take familiar things through a shift and a transformation, a new arrangement, as we cross thresholds. I hope you enjoy Eva’s lovely performance.

PS: These words about the hymn from UU minister Kimberley Debus are well worth reading. The “events of Friday” she refers to were the inauguration of the current President. https://farfringe.com/stlt108-my-life-flows-on-in-endless-song/

  • Emily McKinney, Music Director

Simple Faith
by David Tamulevich of Mustard’s Retreat
used with permission
performed by Into Our Years: Rebecca Holt, Karla Gilmore, and Eva Riebold

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