Equinox Balance of Dark and Light, Ending and Renewal

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by Susanne Bounds

As we light the chalice today, we invoke the power of the four directions that represent the cycles that govern our lives:
the east, the first light and breath of the day
the south, the growing light and passion of the day
the west, the waning light and evaluation of the day
the north, the faint moonlight and dreamtime of the day
We also invoke the power of earth, where we are grounded and nourished for life and the power of sky, where we look to imagination and possibility.
Such is the ordinary magic that surrounds us every second of every day our whole lives.

I Will Be Gentle With Myself

Trad. Anonymous Pagan Circle Song
Performed by Emily McKinney

I had never heard this song until Susanne introduced me to it, and I am so glad she did. I really fell in love with it. We couldn’t use this version recorded by Libana available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu73CQs94Aw
But, I did my best to recreate this sound with myself and a microphone.
Best Susanna and I can tell from our research, this is a song without any clear origins that has been floating around Goddess Circles for a long, long time and has been shared aurally with many people over the years. I love the lyrics and I’m excited to have the chance to share music that Susanne picked to support her message this week. It’s going to be a good one!

– Emily, Music Director

Ordinary Magic

by LEA
Used with Permission

Folks, if you don’t know about LEA yet, it’s time to learn! She’s an incredible singer-songwriter and I’m so excited to feature some of her music in this service. Her full name is Lea Morris but her bio and website use the stage name LEA. She has granted full permission for UU congregations to stream her songs during their services with a small donation to her website, which we were happy to make to support this incredible person making this music. Her full bio is available here and you really should read it. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/552d37d3e4b056132efcf3be/t/555c8b54e4b09da511042d2d/1432128340557/LEA_BIO_2015.pdf

– Emily, Music Director

Honor the Dark

by LEA
Used with Permission

This second song by LEA that we are sharing is truly so stunning. Susanne chose this and it was originally a component of the message itself, so you know it’s an important piece of this service. I’ve listened to it many times since Susanne shared it with me and I’m excited for you to hear it, too. I tend to struggle with my mood, energy, and focus during the coming darker months, so this reminder to honor the dark and accept the gifts it brings, and take this time to cocoon and transform, was helpful for me. May we honor all the seasons of our lives, including the dark ones.

– Emily, Music Director

We Will Rest

by Amanda Udis-Kessler
Used with Permission
Performed by Emily McKinney

I may have chosen the song that I needed to hear this week to share with you all. I really love this one. The composer, Amanda Udis-Kessler, writes that this is a lullaby for the holiness of self-care. I love the way rest is described in this song as something almost magical, something holy and worthy of honor. So many days, “rest” is what happens after I physically can’t do any other productive thing and it’s lacking any sense of “grace and gratitude” like in the song. This was powerful and gentle for me and I hope you also find some truths to take away from this music.

– Emily, Music Director

We are a covenant people,
Bound together by shared values and common mission.
Let us go from this place, encouraged by our faith,
Challenged by our principles,
And empowered to live them out,
To create ever widening circles of beloved community.

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