Liberating Our Liberties

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by Mike Brown

Moment of Perspective – AJ Fox – “Pause and Get Perspective” Moments

The opening words are A Gift to Offer the World, by Rev Lisa Friedman.

We touch the floor
to remember that wherever we bring our best self is holy ground.
We reach for the sky
to remember that we are part of a mystery much bigger than ourselves.
We hold hands
to remember that we need one another and are a part of one human family.
We join voices
to remember that we each have a gift to offer the world
and to use in making the world a better place

Thula Klizeo
By Joseph Shabalala as taught to Nick Page (by rote, a cappella, and with a dance)
Performed by Eva Riebold
Used with Permission
Thula Klizeo, translated from Zulu means “Be still my heart, even here I am at home.”

In These Hard Times
Words and music by Linda Hirschhorn
Performed by the First UU Virtual Choir
Used with Permission

Let Me Be the Change
Written and Performed by Emily and Mark McKinney

We’ll Build a Land
Lyrics by Barbara Zanooti (text from Isaiah/Amos)
Music by Carolyn McDade, arr. Betsy Jo Angebranndt
Performed by Marilyn Day, Laura Parsons, and Eva Riebold
Used with Permission

The closing words are That Which is Worthy of Doing, by Rev Steve J Crump.

That which is worthy of doing, create with your hands.
That which is worthy of repeating, speak with a clear voice.
That which is worthy of remembering, hold in your hearts.
And that which is worthy of living, go and live it now.

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