Days of Awe

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AV Coordinator Luna teaches us a little bit about the High Holy Days in Judaism – Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.


Moment of Perspective – Someone Among You is a Messiah – AJ Fox

The opening words are Let Astonishment be Possible, by Rev Gretchen Haley.

Whatever you have come in


Whatever you expect

Or worry

For our world, for the future

For our lives –

Let it go

Make space in your heart

To be surprised

Make room in your soul

For a new story to take shape

Let astonishment be possible

At this life that remains

a miracle

Imagine here the bursting of joy

Oseh Shalom
Traditional Song for Jewish Prayer Services
Public Domain Work
Performed by Luna Hamburg

Hine Ma Tov
Traditional Song for Jewish Shabbat Services
Public Domain Work
Performed by Luna Hamburg

Eli, Eli
Lyrics by Hannah Szenes
Music by David Zehavi
Public Domain Work
Arranged and performed by Luna Hamburg

Let Me Be the Change
Written by Emily and Mark McKinney
Performed by Emily McKinney, Mark McKinney, and Luna Hamburg
Permission Granted

The closing words are The Humanity, Bravery, and Goodness Calling Us Forth, by Rev Sara La Wall.

When the pull to disappear takes hold

with all its harsh realities

May we conjure up that fierce love

to bring our hopeful vision into being,

Discovering the humanity, bravery, goodness

still calling us forth.

May we breathe into that story and make it come alive.

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