The Gift of Being Let Down

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Message presented by Gary Meints. Originally written and presented by Rev. Gretchen Haley.

Moment of Perspective – The Platinum Rule – AJ Fox

The opening words are Woven Anew by Rev Scott Tayler
Come with your joy, your incurable curiosity, your hunger for hope.
But bring too your broken heart, your cracked confidence, your ruptured relationships.
Let this,

be a place of repair.

May the words spoken become webbing,
weaving again a path back to wisdom,

back to forgotten worth,
back to a place of peace

now buried by all the striving, worry and wounds.
May the sounds circling in this space

sweep you up like a stream whose currents long to carry you home.
And may the common breath,

so sweetly shared between us,
remind you that loneliness eventually lifts,

that we are tethered more tightly than it sometimes seems,
that, together, our hearts can mend,

and our world can be woven anew.
Let us begin.

Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Performed by Colleen Appel
Public Domain Work

Written by Paul Phariss
Performed by the Red Shoe Pickers
Permission Granted

Church is the Way We Live
Written by Amanda Udis-Kessler
Permission Granted
Performed by the First UU Virtual Choir

The Sun That Shines
Words by Dimitri S. Bortniansky and John Andrew Storey
Music by David Dawson
Permission Granted
Performed by Eva Riebold

The closing words are May You Be Filled, by Eric Williams.

May you be filled with the blessings of this covenanted community.
May you carry them with you as you depart from here.
May you discover the places in the world where these blessings are needed.
May you have the courage to share them.
May there be an open place within you to receive the blessings of the people whom you will meet along the way.

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