Intent vs. Impact: Resolutions for the New Year

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Chalice Lighting: From Side With Love – Adrian Ballou

The opening words are “intentions and trust”, by Amy Lloyd.

Today I want to greet joy
Without a trace of suspicion
I want to open my eyes to the light
Without a blink of dread
I want to look at my past
Without a whisper of sham
I want to look at my future
Without a hint of fear
Today I want to dance
Without pausing to think
I want to belly laugh
Without caring who hears
I want to open my arms
and twirl in the sun
Until I fall breathless
free to be myself
full of the joy
that I open to allow
completely letting go
Without even a smudge of suspicion
or a wink of hesitation
That’s my intention
It’s what I want

For All That is Our Life
Music by Patrick L. Rickey
Lyrics by Bruce Findlow
Performed by Jess Huetteman
Permission Granted

Here in the Silence
Words by Niki and Gordon Davis
Music by FF Fleming
Permission Granted

Be Ye Lamps Unto Yourselves
Text attributed to Gautama Buddha
Music from a melody in the Sarum Antiphonal
Performed by Eva Riebold
Permission Granted

When Our Heart Is in a Holy Place
Written by Joyce Poley, arr. Lorne Kellett
Performed by Emily McKinney, Luna Hamburg, and Eva Riebold
Permission Granted

The closing words are Each Day, from Always We Begin Again, by John McQuiston II.

At the beginning of each day, after we open our eyes to receive the light of that day,
As we listen to the voices and sounds that surround us,
We must resolve to treat each hour as the rarest of gifts,
and be grateful for the consciousness that allow us to experience it,
recalling in thanks that our awareness is a present from we know not where, or how, or why.
When we rise from sleep let us rise for the joy of the true work that we will be about this day,
and considerately cheer one another on.
Life will always provide matters for concern.
Each day, however, brings with it reasons for joy.
Every day carries the potential to bring the experience of heaven;
Have the courage to expect good from it.
Be gentle with this life,
And use the light of life
To live fully in your time.

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