Renewing Our Faith: The Power of Community in the Process of Renewal

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Message by Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman

Moment of Perspective – Looking back at Church During the Pandemic – AJ Fox

The opening words are Hoping, Trusting for So Many Things, by Katie Kandarian-Morris.

Here we have come into this sacred space—
quieter now with our readiness
Hushed voices, hoping, trusting for so many things:
For connection, for communion
For inspiration, for information
For healing, for wholeness,
For words, for music,
For celebration and consolation,
Here we have come into this space bringing all of who we are,
Let us be willing… however we are changed.

I Know This Rose Will Open
Words and Music by Mary E. Grigolia
Used with Permission
Performed by the First UU Choir

A Fierce Unrest
Words: Don Marquis
Music: Ananias Davisson
Performed by Paul Phariss and Eva Riebold
Public Domain

I Know I Can
Words: Dennis Hamilton
Music: Jeannie Gagne, arr. Mark Freundt
Performed by Paul Phariss and Rebecca Holt
Permission Granted

The closing words are Coming Home by Fred Lamotte

When times are dark
the way becomes clear.
Trust in your breath.
Rest in your heart.
Bow to the stranger.
This is the gospel of astonishment.
If we are completely lost
we come home
to each other.