Building it Together

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Message by AJ Fox and Marilyn Day

Moment of Perspective – The Treehouse Story – Marilyn Day

The opening words are Wholeness, by Sharon Wylie. They were written for the International Transgender Day of Visibility, which is this Thursday, March 31st.

We speak so often of brokenness in religious life,
Let us speak today of wholeness.
You are welcome here, all of you
Every part of you beautiful just the way you are
Here you do not need to be something more or something less
No holding back, no hiding
No exerting yourself, no trying to do more or be more
You have inherent worth and dignity
Nothing to prove here,
Nothing to prove to me or the person sitting next to you or to the children or to anyone
You don’t have to try and be witty or more quiet or more outgoing
You are beautiful; every part of you beautiful just the way you are
You do not need to change anything about yourself to be welcome here:
Your skin, your hair, your belly, your limbs, your face—
all beautiful just the way they are
You are extraordinary
Each and every one of you different from each and beautiful in your own beautiful way,
Let us worship together!

All of Us Are Loved
By Amanda Udis-Kessler
Performed by Emily McKinney
Used with permission

When Our Heart is in a Holy Place
(Sung live in the sanctuary by the congregation – Accompaniment Eva Riebold)
Performed by Emily McKinney, Luna Hamburg, and Eva Riebold
Words and Music by Joyce Poley
Used With Permission

Here in the Silence
Words: Niki and Gordon Davis
Music: FF Fleming
Performed by the First UU Virtual Choir
Used with Permission

UU Doxology
Credits: Words: John Andrew Storey
Music: Lewis E Whikehart
Performed by the First UU Virtual Choir
Used with Permission

The closing words are by AJ Fox.

What is the internal behavioral covenant that you carry with you when you come into this community? How does your best self hope to exist in relationship with the other people in this space?

This is not our draft of the covenant, but instead a chance for you to share what your personal invisible relationship intention in this space is. What do you give, what do you hope to receive?