Reconciling Resurrection

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Message by Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman

Moment of Perspective – 8 Principles Egg Hunt – AJ Fox

The opening words are Once More, by Amy Bowden Freedman.

Once more, the earth has turned toward the light of the sun.
As we are bathed in the light of a new day,
So may we greet the dawning of fresh possibility.
Once more, we awaken from our slumber.
As our bodies rise
To meet the challenges and pleasures of living,
So may our hearts and minds open with promise.
Once more, we gather for worship.
As we join our voices in word and song,
So may this assembly bring forth wholeness.
Come, let us worship.

As Welcome As The Flowers
Composed and Performed by Emily McKinney
Used with Permission

Les Cloches
Composed by Claude Debussy
Performed by Luna Hamburg
Public Domain

Pretty Saro
Appalachian Folk Song
Performed by the First UU Choir
Public Domain

The closing words are Alleluia! by Rev Eric Walker Wickstrom.

There is so much death in our world—literal and figurative. So much pain. So much loss. So many people trapped in tombs—some of their own making and some thrust upon them. Let us go forth from this place determined to roll back those stones, to heal the wounded, and to raise the dead. Life has come again; Love has come again. Alleluia indeed!