Honeybee Democracy

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Message by Colleen Appel

The opening words are Earth and All, by Rev. Dr. David Breeden.

We join together,
bringing both our
shadow and our light.
We join together,
opening our minds
and our hearts.
We join together,
the beauty of each,
the beauty of self,
the beauty of the earth,
the beauty of all.

Little Rhapsody in Blue
By George Gershwin, Adapted by Honora Klarmann
Public Domain
Performed by Eva Riebold

The closing words are The World is Too Beautiful, by Eric Williams.

The world is too beautiful to be praised by only one voice.
May you have the courage to sing your part.
The world is too broken to be healed by only one set of hands.
May you have the courage to use your gifts.
May you go in peace.