The Right of Conscience and the Use of the Democratic Process – Our Fifth Principle

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Message by Babs Garcia

Moment of Perspective – Democracy and Meeting the Needs of the People – AJ Fox

The opening words are Be About the Work, by Andrea Hawkins-Kamper.

May we see all as it is, and may it all be as we see it.
May we be the ones to make it as it should be.
For if not us, who? If not now, when?
This is answering the cry of justice with the work of peace,
This is redeeming the pain of history with the grace of wisdom,
This is the work we are called to do, and this is the call we answer now:
To be the barrier and the bridge,
To be the living embodiment of our Principles,
To be about the work of building the Beloved Community,
To be a people of intention and a people of conscience.

As We Come Marching, Marching
Words by James Oppenheim
Music by Caroline Kohlsaat
Harmony by Betty A Wylder
Permission Granted by First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles for Words and Music, by UUA for Harmony
Performed by Ruth Jenkins and Colleen Appel

I Lift My Voice
Words and Music by Andrea Ramsey
From the Justice Choir Songbook
Performed by Emily McKinney and Ryan McCoy
Used with Permission

The closing words are Each of Us Ministers to a Weary World, by Darcy Roake.

There is too much hardship in this world to not find joy, every day
There is too much injustice in this world to not right the balance, every day
There is too much pain in this world to not heal, every day
Each of us ministers to a weary world.
Let us go forth now and do that which calls us to make this world
more loving, more compassionate,
and more filled with the grace of divine presence,
every day.

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