Belonging and the Bigger Picture

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Message by Dr. Nina Barudzic

The opening words are It is all very well…, by Rev. Rod Richards

It is all very well to speak of
an interdependent web of all life
and remind us that we are all
Connected. We are.
But there are times when the loneliness
Strikes so deeply that the only
Thing of which I am
Certain is that I am
There are times when the only
piece of belonging I can feel
There are times when the interdependent web
feels like just a mess of cobwebs
in a basement
or an attic
of the abandoned house
where I live…
Times when the spirit of life and love
are just words written
in invisible ink
on a postcard to myself.
Wish you were here.
Be with me now.
Don’t try and talk me out
of how I feel
with perfect theology.
Stay beside me
and carry my hope
until I am ready to
hold it
again and be
there for

Hear, O My People
Words: Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav
Music: L. Lewandowski
Public Domain
Accompanied by Eva Riebold with Live Congregational Singing

Let the Life I’ve Lived
American Spiritual, Written by Joe Carter; Arr. Andy Davis
Used with Permission
Performed by Ryan McCoy

Come, Come, Whoever You Are
Words: Adapt. from Rumi
Music: Lynn Adair Ungar
Permission Granted
A Round for the Congregation

The closing words this morning are
That which is worthy of doing
By Steve J Crump

That which is worthy of doing, create with your hands.
That which is worthy of repeating, speak with a clear voice.
That which is worthy of remembering, hold in your hearts.
And that which is worthy of living, go and live it now.

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