Many Paths of Courage

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Message by Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman

Moment of Perspective – A Blessing of Courage – AJ Fox

The opening Words are Courage Is by Rev. Dr. David Breeden

We gather together here, now,
summoning our courage to be.
We gather, bringing our
weariness and our energy.
We gather, bringing our
wariness and our visions.
Like trees in rocky places,
our roots clutch. What
we find is each other.
What we find is each
other, holding tightly.
Courage is not certitude.
Courage is not assurance.
Courage is the willingness
to join in the attempt.
To join in the unlikely,
even the impossible.
Courage is a choice.
Courage is a way of knowing.
Courage is a way of joining together.
Courage is knowing that
together, we will do what
none of us can do alone.

Enter, Rejoice and Come In
Congregational Hymn
Words and Music: Louise Ruspini, Arr. Betty A. Wylder
Permission Granted by the UUA
Accompanied by Eva Riebold

We Will Not Stop Singing
By the Chapin Sisters
Performed by the First UU Brooklyn Choir
Permission Granted

By Felix Mendelssohn
Performed by Eva Riebold
Public Domain

For closing words, today we share The World is Too Beautiful, by Eric Williams

The world is too beautiful to be praised by only one voice.
May you have the courage to sing your part.
The world is too broken to be healed by only one set of hands.
May you have the courage to use your gifts.
May you go in peace.

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