Personal Courage – Supporting Families with Children in Foster Care

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Message by Holly Madden

Moment of Perspective – The Courage of Love and Trust – AJ Fox

The Opening Words are Witnesses of this World, by Tania Marquez.

It is now, when we are called as witnesses of the world.
To mend it, to change its course, to restore it.
It is now, when we are called to act on our values,
Not to hide, not to fear, but to be bold and loud.
It is now that we are called to continue our fight for justice,
To organize, to speak up.
It is now.
Let us gather, let us give each other courage,
Let us worship.

Touch the Earth, Reach the Sky!
Congregational Hymn
Words and Music: Grace Lewis-McLaren
Permission Granted
Accompanied by Eva Riebold

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
By J. S. Bach
Performed by John Prescott and Eva Riebold
Public Domain

By Felix Mendelssohn
Performed by John Prescott and Eva Riebold
Public Domain

The closing words are by Rebekah Savage.

We have gathered under the banner of a shared faith.
We are born of a welcoming grace that extends and receives love;
we are touched by the ways we have fallen short of who we strive to be;
and here we are reborn — forged by a greater courage.
Let us move from this place,
Encouraged and refreshed for the journey ahead.

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