Winterfest: 2022

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May We Hear the Melody of Life,” by Joseph Cleveland.

May we hear the melody of Life and find ourselves singing harmony.
May we be open to the dissonances in the Song of the Land and Its People,
that we might be part of the World’s urging toward Justice, Peace, and Love.
May we feel in our bones the rhythms of Life and the Land,
and find ourselves dancing.

Love and Joy
Words and Music by John Prescott
Performed by the 1st UU Choir
Permission Granted

The Snow is Falling
Words by John Prescott, Amber Attaway and Laura Parsons
Music by J. Brahms from Intermezzo, Opus 116 No. 6
Performed by the 1st UU Choir
Public Domain/Permission granted

Hey, Ho Nobody Home
Traditional, Arranged by John Prescott
Performed by the 1st UU Choir
Recorder: Nancy Holmer; Percussion: Ray Crespo
Public Domain/Permission Granted

Gaudete Christus Est Natus
Anonymous; Arranged by John Prescott
Performed by the 1st UU Choir
Reading by Eunice Waller and Charles Buchanan
Public Domain/Permission Granted

Christmas Morning
Words and Music by Carol Bemmels and Ross Flanagan
Performed by Paul Phariss and Rebecca Holt
Permission Granted

Light One Candle
Congregational Hymn
Words and Music by Peter Yarrow, Arr. Betty Wylder
Accompanied by Eva Riebold

Note from AV Coordinator: Please forgive the video being cut off on the edge. The videos for Zoom participants were accidentally included on top of the lyrics. The section of the screen with the videos has been cut off to protect their privacy.

I Wonder as I Wander
Appalachian Christmas Carol
Arranged by Mark Hayes
Performed by Colleen Appel

Joy to the World
G. F. Handel, Arranged by J. W. Schaum
Performed by Colleen Appel and Eva Riebold

Pastorale Symphony from Messiah
Composed by Handel; Arranged by David Overton
Flute: Nancy Holmer; Piano: Eva Riebold

Oh How Joyfully 
In the Setting of Sonatina, Op.55, No.3
Music by Friedrich Luhlau
Performed by Colleen Appel

In the words of Maureen Killoran:

As we listen to the blessing of music,
May we know this ending
As more than a time of goodbye.
May the warmth of this community
and the memory of our chalice flame
sustain our hearts and encourage our minds,
as we engage the blessings
of life’s challenges and joys.

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