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Message by Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman

Moment of Perspective – The Redbud Tree Folk Tale – AJ Fox

I’d like to share the words of Rev Dr Howard Thurman, “My High Resolve.”

“Keep fresh before me the moments of my high resolve. Despite the dullness and barrenness of the days that pass, if I search with due diligence, I can always find a deposit left by some former radiance. But I had forgotten.
At the time it was full-orbed, glorious, and resplendent. I was sure that I would never forget. I had forgotten how easy it is to forget. There was no intent to betray what seemed so sure at the time. My response was whole, clean, authentic. But little by little, there crept into my life the dust and grit of the journey. Details, lower-level demands, all kinds of cross currents — nothing momentous, nothing overwhelming, nothing flagrant — just wear and tear. If there had been some direct challenge – a clear-cut issue — I would have fought it to the end, and beyond. In the quietness of this place, surrounded by the all-pervading Presence of God, my heart whispers: Keep fresh before me the moments of my High Resolve, that in fair weather or in foul, in good times or in tempests, in the days when the darkness and the foe are nameless or familiar, I may not forget that to which my life is committed.”

Enter, Rejoice, and Come In
Congregational Hymn
Words and Music: Louise Ruspini, Arr. Betty A Wylder
Permission Granted
Accompanied by Eva Riebold

Voice Still and Small
Congregational Hymn
Words and Music: John Corrado
Permission Granted
Performed by Eva Riebold

We Are
Words and Music: Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell
Performed by Dr. Ysaye Barnwell and the 2020 UAA General Assembly Choir
Publisher does not enforce copyright

Rank by Rank
Words: From John Huntley Skrine
New Words: Carl G. Seaburg
Music: Henry Walford Davies
Used with Permission (OneLicense)

Rev. Scott Tayler writes

Having found stillness, may we share peace.
Having received connection, may we reach out to others.
Having heard the call of our deepest self, may we live in greater alignment.
Having returned to our center, may we expand the circle of love.

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