Margins Beware: The Dangers of Courage and Vulnerability Culture

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Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman

The opening words are adapted from To Remember Our Promises, by Sarah C Stewart.

Bring who you are as you enter our church this morning.
Bring your best self and your struggling self;
bring your mistakes and your triumphs;
bring your shortcomings and your recommitment to good.
Bring yourself here and open your heart to beauty, to truth,
to the door that is open to divine presence.
Here in this church we are trying to walk together on the peaceable way;
trying to hammer out division, and hatred, and all that separates one from another.
We try, and we will fall short, but held in love, we try again.
We come together this morning, as a church, to hope together,
to raise our voices in song,
to remember our promises and vow to live by them once again.

What Wondrous Love
Congregational Hymn
Words: American Folk Hymn
New Words by Connie Campbell Hart
Music: Melody from The Southern Harmony, 1835
Permission Granted by UUA

We Are a People of Compassion
Words by Members and Friends of First UU
Music and Performance by Emily McKinney
Used with Permission

I’ll now share the words of Jim Wickman.

May our faith sustain us,
our hope inspire us,
and our love surround us
as we go our separate ways,
knowing that we will gather again
in this beloved community. Amen.

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