Pray the Gray Away? Spirituality, Religiosity, and Successful Aging

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Message by Dr. Kyler Sherman-Wilkins

Let’s listen to Co-regulation, by Elizabeth Mount.

From our very first breath, we reach out–
Co-regulation, not self-regulation, is in our nature.
We find our cues from the sun and the moon,
From each parent and caregiver,
We find our place in this great turning planet,
By turning to one another,
Generation to generation,
We awaken to the dawn, and fall asleep at the evening’s end.
Our life’s journey is part of something greater,
Something simple,
Something divine.
A flame cannot be lit without a spark,
A life cannot begin without the air,
And we cannot begin to find ourselves without love.
May we reach out to one another,
May we offer love and nurturing care,
May we join together in celebration of the interdependence of our lives.
In this spirit, let us worship together.

Comfort Me
Congregational Hymn
Words and Music: Mimi Bornstein-Doble
Permission Granted

I Will Be Gentle With Myself
Anonymous Pagan Chant
Performed by Emily McKinney
Used with Permission

I’ll now share Go Boldly, by Jean M Olson.

May you be brave enough to expose
your aching woundedness
and reveal your vulnerability.
May you speak your deepest truths, knowing that they will change as you do.
May you sing the music within you,
composing your own melody,
playing your song with all your heart.
May you draw, paint, sculpt, and sew,
showing the world your vision.
May you write letters, poetry, biography,
slogans, graffiti, the great novel,
laying bare your words to love and hate.
May you love even though your heart
breaks again and again.
And until the end of your days,
may your life be filled
with possibilities and courage.

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