Breathe, Resist, Repeat: In Pursuit of Nonviolence

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Message by Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman

Our own Jessica shares the following words in honor of the upcoming First Contact Day.

There are lots of people who stare at the stars, longing for a future that is modeled after Star Trek’s “United Federation of Planets.” Because, just like us UUs, Starfleet believes in the equality of all life.
And if you are one of us, you know the famous Borg saying “Resistance is futile.” This month we are going to hear amazing sermons about resistance, how you need to recognize when resistance is key, and when you need to avoid resisting. This world is filled with ideals, ideologies, habits, and experiences that should be resisted.
I hope you take a moment this month, but especially on April 5th (First Contact Day) to resist oppression in your own way.

Oh, Give Us Pleasure in the Flowers Today
Congregational Hymn
Words:  Robert Frost (Public Domain)
Music:  Cyril V. Taylor/Hope Pub., OneLicense

Be Ye Lamps Unto Yourselves
Words: Attributed to Gautama Buddha
Music: Melody in the Sarum Antiphonal
Public Domain
Performed by the First UU Choir

Meditation on Breathing
Words and Music: Sarah Dan Jones
Permission Granted
Performed by Emily McKinney

I’d now like to share the words of Joel Miller.

Let our lives be a prayer
That waters dry souls
Mends broken hearts
Refuses to be terrorized
Seeks this world’s beauty
And carries us through its storms.

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