A Creative Embrace of Differences

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Message by Kara and Adam Debacker

Moment of Perspective – A Different Kind of Superhero – Christopher Reeve

First I’d like to share the words of Erika Hewitt, To Learn More About Being Human.

Welcome to this morning, this day, and this opportunity to be together in community—which is a time of joy, comfort, and sometimes challenges. This Unitarian Universalist congregation is a place where we come to learn more about being human. We’re not here because we’ve figured out life’s questions, or because we think we’ve got it right.
We come here to learn more about being in relationship together: how to listen, how to forgive, how to be vulnerable, and how to create trust and compassion in one another.

Far From the Home I Love
By Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick
Performed by Kris Langston
Performed under license #1501060249 Bock LLC & Williamson Music Co.

Getting Tall (from Nine)
Written by Maury Yeston
Performed by Eli Oster (voice) and Kris Langston (piano)
Performed under license # 1501060247 BMG Sapphire Songs

Pure Imagination
Words and Music by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse
Performed by Matthew Baum leading the Congregation
Performed under license # 1501060248 Sony ATV Songs, Taradam Music, Kobalt Music

The final reading is by Susan L Van Dreser.

Let us sing the magic of imagination by which we know one another and learn the lives of eras gone by.
Let us sing the magic of creation by which we build the world of our soul and teach its wisdom to others, young and old.
Let us sing the magic of our lives together, holding and shaping by the movement of breath from heart to lung all new life that is to come.
Go now with singing. Go now with magic in your fingertips. Touch this world with life.

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