Fireflies and Genius

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By Rev. Kaaren Anderson, Read by Colleen Appel

The opening words are Blessed are the Makers, by Marcus Liefert.

Oh you who are makers;
Makers of beauty,
Of paintings and pottery and sculpture,
Blessed is the making.
You who make with hands and hearts and minds,
Who make out of breath and bones and blood human lives,
Blessed are the makers.
Blessed are those who make us laugh,
Who make jokes and faces and toys.
Blessed are those who make messes,
Who make trouble and friends, and when needed, make up.
Blessed are those who make do,
Who make it last, make it work, make beds and make time for others.
Blessed are those who make love,
Who make out and make more and make mistakes.
Blessed are those who make coffee and tea,
Who make conversation, who make meaning in the face of tragedy; who make merriment and awaken joy.
Blessed are those who make peace
For they shall inherit the earth.

Wake, Now, My Senses
Congregational Hymn
Words: Thomas J S Mikelson (Permission Granted)
Music: Traditional Irish melody (Public Domain)
Harmony: Carlton R Young (Used With Permission: OneLicense)

Dear Weaver of Our Lives’ Design
Congregational Hymn
Words: Nancy C Dorian (UUA)
Music Nikolaus Herman (1480-1561), harmonized by JS Bach (Public Domain)

We will now close with a final reading. The reading is On the Brink, by Leslie Takahashi.

All that we have ever loved
And all that we have ever been
Stands with us on the brink
Of all that we aspire to create:
A deeper peace,
A larger love,
A more embracing hope,
A deeper joy in this life we share.

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