Vulnerability and Aging

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Message by Dr. Bradley Fisher

The opening reading is by Gary Kowalski.

We gather here to worship:
to seek the truth, to grow in love, to join in service;
to celebrate life’s beauty and find healing for its pain;
to honor our kinship with each other and with the earth;
to create a more compassionate world,
beginning with ourselves;
to wonder at the mystery that gave us birth;
to find courage for the journey’s end;
and to listen for the wisdom that guides us
in the quietness of this moment.

Just as Long as I Have Breath
“Lyrics by Alicia S. Carpenter; used with permission by the Estate of Alicia Carpenter”
Music: Johann G Ebeling (1637-1676) Public Domain
Harmony: Rev. John Edwin Giles UUA

For All That is Our Life
Congregational Hymn
Words: Bruce Findlow (Public Domain)
Music by Patrick L Rickey (UUA)

The Final Reading is by Kendyl LR Gibbons.

There is, finally, only one thing required of us: that is, to take life whole, the sunlight and shadows together; to live the life that is given us with courage and humor and truth.
We have such a little moment out of the vastness of time for all our wondering and loving. Therefore let there be no half-heartedness; rather, let the soul be ardent in its pain, in its yearning, in its praise.
Then shall peace enfold our days, and glory shall not fade from our lives.

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