Winter Solstice: Who Loves the Dark

Published by AJ Fox on

This reader’s theatre telling of a tale of the dark is based on the short story by Sheri Phillibaum. We were grateful to be able to bring the story to life with the help of Members and Friends of First UU.

Our chalice lighting words come from Lindsay Bates. 

“To face the world’s shadows, a chalice of light.

To face the world’s coldness, a chalice of warmth,

To face the world’s terrors, a chalice of courage.

To face the world’s turmoil, a chalice of peace.

May its glow fill our spirits, our hearts, and our lives.”

Auld Lang Syne Congregational Hymn Words: Robert Burns (1788), based on Traditional Scots Music: Traditional Scots (set to current tune in 1799) Public Domain